Simply All you need as a Digital Nomad & Remote Worker

Nearby Coworking Spaces

Just fly in, drop your suitcase and rest assured there will be a great coworking space in the area you stay. Work-life balance and a healthy lifestyle are our core values. Oh, and value for money to cover all your needs for a perfect Nomad Stayz.

Meet Like-Minded People

It can be lonely at times to live a nomadic lifestyle. We hear you as we live it ourselves. When booking our accommodation; it’s easier to meet likeminded digital nomads who understand you and live a similar lifestyle as you. Meeting inspiring people and making new friends will enrich your remote working experience. 

Digital Nomad Savvy Stayz

A great shower, a comfy bed, and amazing coffee – these are the basics for most digital nomads. We don’t mind tiny places, but we select our accommodations based on comfort. Fast Wi-Fi, and great location in new and upcoming cool neighbourhoods that’s what we love.. isn’t it?

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