Canggu is the new hotspot for Digital Nomads

Being a Canggu digital nomad is a dream for many digital nomads.

Many digital nomads love the idea of working in a place surrounded by lush rainforests, green, oceans, temples, paddy fields, black sand beaches, waterfalls, and volcanoes.

This Island of Gods has been living up to its status as a digital nomad mecca where hipster cafes, great restaurants and yoga studios have mushroomed throughout the years.

As a Canggu digital nomad ourselves, you can get the best of both city and village (and island!) worlds.

Why Become A Digital Nomad In Canggu?

  • Work-friendly cafes,
  • Up to date coworking spaces
  • Amazing climate.
  • Canggu is located on the famous tourist island in Indonesia, Bali.
  • It’s a chilled, laid back town compared to the busier ones like Seminyak and Kuta.

If you prefer serene and quiet surroundings, you can opt for Kerobokan and Umalas. If you like the hustle and bustle of city life with shopping malls, bars or surf clubs, Batu Bolong is the place for you.

Digital nomads flock to Canggu, so it’s quite normal to see people working away on their laptops wherever you go.

Work Friendly Cafes
Work-friendly cafes with superb Wi-Fi speed aren’t difficult to find.

Every neighbourhood in Canggu is packed with cute cafes with friendly staff who won’t mind your presence all day.

The ever-famous Crate Café for instance, doesn’t only offer ample space for working but also has fantastic food. The ambience is lively but it also has mellow good music and great coffee.

Canggu cafes in general have a hippie chillaxed vibe, so be prepared to be spoiled for choice!

Up-To-Date Co-Working Spaces
Ample power points, robust Wi-Fi, and the comfortable atmosphere of Canggu co-working spaces have no doubt drawn digital nomads like a magnet.

Also, think pool-view or rice paddy ‘office’ views… good brunches and hearty breakfasts…

You will also meet fellow remote working members, which provides an opportunity to exchange knowledge, share skills or even collaborate.

Canggu has amazing climate for Digital Nomads

Canggu has a tropical monsoon climate and is undeniably warm all year.

On average, the temperature ranges between 26 to 30 degrees, but you can expect a rainy season that lasts between November to April. The dry season in Canggu means you get to surf, dive, climb mountains and be as adventurous as you like.

As always, rainy seasons can be good and bad. Prices are lower as there’s less of a crowd, but occasional tropical storms might limit your movement and it’s wet everywhere.

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