The Ultimate Guide About Tallinn for Digital Nomads

digital nomad tallinn

A Digital Nomad Guide to Tallinn

Tallinn for Digital Nomads ? Estonia sits between mainland Northern Europe, Russia and Scandinavia. As a result the country has a beautiful natural fusion of these unique countries. Its complex history has created a population that is extremely welcoming, highly innovative and traditional all at the same time.
In summer the country exposes its natural bogs and swamps which give great health benefits to those who swim in them. There are many mystical elements to Estonia with influences from folklore and paganism. You will find babbling brooks, hot springs and legends of witches in this dense forest land.

Estonia also turns into a magical winter wonderland from December to March and temperatures get so cold that the sea around it freezes! The winters in Estonia are harsh but they are very beautiful too.

Estonia has the largest bear population in Europe and is recognized for its nature reserves and wildlife. Estonians respect the natural world around them and believe it is good to be immersed within it, so you will find many free wild camping spots across Estonia and it is encouraged to get out into nature as much as possible. This connection with the natural world is unique and is refreshing to see with the current age of everything becoming digital.

digital nomad tallinn

Estonia uses the Euro as its main currency and the official language is Estonian. You will find that it is common for older generations to speak Russian as well, as it was once part of the Soviet Union. The younger generations are learning all sorts of European languages from English to Spanish and German.

Tallinn is Estonia’s capital and it is located on the north coast, just a short boat ride from Helsinki, Finland. This mysterious and often underrated country might be small, but it has a lot to offer.

Work in Tallinn

There is a good selection of co-working spaces in Tallinn so you will be able to find something to suit your needs. There are co-working spaces and cafés all suitable to work from. Estonia has one of the fastest internet speeds in Europe and is home to the founders of companies such as Skype and TransferWise. Some of the top rated spaces are listed below. When looking at co-working spaces make sure to double check the price, as most displayed are excluding VAT, so when you go to pay there will be a slight increase.

Culture and Food in Tallinn

Estonia is known for its rich hearty diet and home cooked meals and you will not be disappointed when you eat out in Estonia. Estonia has had a mixed history and its cuisine reflects this blend of Russian, German and Scandinavian cuisine. Tallinn has some of the best restaurants in the country serving up a mixture of traditional and new dishes.

You will find different style restaurants in different areas and there is an enthusiastic youth promoting Tallinn’s food culture. You will find some Russian style bars and restaurants amongst the Old Town, as well as traditional restaurants serving Estonian delicacies. In the Kalamaja district you will find the hip fusion restaurants where the creative experiments with food are shaping the future of Estonian cuisine.

As a whole the country is very traditional with its food, mostly due to climate. The harsh winters mean that high fat, rich foods are eaten for survival. Many dishes contain local produce and Estonians love their foraging, especially for mushrooms. Some of the most common things you will find are pickled mushrooms, or any pickled vegetables for that matter! Rich meat based soups such as borsch and delicious hearty stews.

Traditional specialities include dark rye bread, Mulgipuder, Verivorst which is a kind of blood sausage, potato salad, smoked herring, sprat sandwich, dumplings, Seljanka and Kirju Koer which is a dessert. Tallinn Old Town is the best place to find traditional restaurants serving some of these treats. Some of the top rated are Farm, III Draakon, Rataskaevu16, Leib Restaurant  and  Von Krahli Aed . A common form of entertainment to find in Tallinn is the medieval restaurants, where you dine and are entertained medieval style! This can make for an interesting evening with friends and gives you a true experience of medieval life in Estonia.

There are a number of fusion and experimental restaurants popping up around Tallinn.

One of our favourite alternative restaurants was fhoone. They offer a great variety of dishes, with Estonian influences but with modern twists. It is located in Telliskivi Creative City and you will find other hip restaurants here serving up some of the best fusion food in Tallinn.

Although many dishes are meat and dairy based, it is possible to eat comfortably as a vegetarian or vegan. There are plenty of vegan and vegetarian restaurants and some of the best in town are Vegan Restoran V, Vegan Inspiratsioon, Restaurant Chakra, Veg Machine and Elevant Resto.

Tallinn Nightlife

Tallinn has a buzzing nightlife scene with lots of clubs and bars to choose from. You will find different energies and vibes in different corners of the city and here are some of the most popular and unique places to be.

Kalamaja and Telliskivi Creative City

These are both popular for an alternative evening in Tallinn. Kalamaja is the hipster district of Tallinn and you will find some unique nightlife activities here. Pada is an outdoor venue which is popping during the summer hosting a variety of music events. Another popular venue is Tops which is a hit with the locals and has a good vibe during the day and night. Telliskivi just south of Kalamaja is another hip hub and has some great nightlife options. Punane maja is a popular summer venue in this district, with creative drink choices and chilled vibes. Both areas have multiple bars to choose from offering a variety of relaxed vibes.

Tallinn Old Town

If you are wanting a full on club night then Tallinn Old Town is the place to be. This is where you will find most of the mainstream nightclubs playing popular tunes to dance away the night! Some of the top rated nightclubs are Privé, Pank, Club Hollywood, Teater, Venus and Studio. Most nightclubs in the Old Town only open on Friday and Saturday night. Studio and Privé are the best places to go for electronic music and to listen to international DJs. There are also smaller venues, which still attract a good crowd which are Must Puudel and NagaNaga. You will find in Tallinn that the party moves from venue to venue.


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